Marina Kaljurand

Mother, grandmother, ambassador, animal lover


Today, issues important for Estonia are decided both in the Riigikogu as in the European Parliament. Therefore, every person who represents Estonia in the EP is important. I see Estonia’s future in the EU, and I believe that Estonia can only be strong and happy if the EU is strong and united. Thanks to my long experience in diplomacy, I am sure that I will represent Estonia wisely and with dignity in all matters that are important to our country and people.

Marju Lauristin:

“Estonian politics most needs the people who exude the energy of goodness. Marina has a lot of this positive energy for both her own people and for opponents, both for solving Estonia’s domestic tensions as well as for increasing harmony in Europe. Therefore, I am very happy that Marina Kaljurand is standing as a candidate for the European Union elections.”

Tõnu Oja:

“Marina Kaljurand is a perfect example of integration and considering the stubbornness and distrust of Estonians, nothing short of a miracle. I, for one, want to live in a country where my rights, freedoms, and self-realization are protected by people like her.”