Eight tasks in the European Parliament

The Social Democratic MEPs elected from Estonia will focus their efforts on eight tasks:

  • First, The European Union must continue its efforts and continue to channel its financial resources in order to significantly reduce poverty in Europe and reduce social inequalities between the old and the new Member States. The EU Member States must be treated equally in all areas and at all levels – the rules must apply equally to everyone. There must be no poor countries, regions or groups in the European Union! Estonia has been a model for other European Union Member States with its family policy and child support. However, we will continue to need European support to bring rural inhabitants, the elderly, children and people with disabilities out of poverty.

  • Secondly, maintaining security and peace, combating the threat of terrorism, violent conflicts and breaches of international law. The European Union must be able to curb the scofflaws and perpetrators and protect its borders and the sovereignty of its Member States. We are firmly in favor of all measures that will help limit Russia’s aggressive ambitions towards its neighbors. We expect the European Parliament to support investments that enhance the protection of the border between the European Union and Russia.

  • Thirdly, The European Union is particularly important for young people who want to continue their education abroad and appreciate the opportunities to engage in entrepreneurship freely, find agreeable work or sell their products and services in other EU countries. Social Democrats want to expand the opportunities of academic mobility and promote the opportunities of young people to be able to enjoy all the rights and opportunities of EU citizens. We also ensure that young people have every opportunity to come back to Estonia at any time.

  • Fourth, our ambassadors consider it important that the principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights be implemented more quickly and become an integral part of the EU. Fair pay, access to health services, lifelong learning, work-life balance, gender equality and minimum income help to reduce inequalities and regional disparities. The European Union must benefit both large and small Member States.

  • Fifth, Estonian farmers expect a fair agricultural policy from the European Union, which would equally support the efforts of farmers in all Member States. The Social Democrats have firmly argued that unfair differences in the levels of agricultural subsidies in new and old Member States should be eliminated. Estonian farmers deserve European support in the same volume as our northern neighbors. Social Democrats in the European Parliament will help high-quality Estonian food conquer the European Union market.

  • Sixth, Europe can only mitigate the catastrophic impact of climate change through joint efforts. The Estonian Social Democrats support the common environmental policy of the European Union, while at the same time ensuring that the specificities of the northern Member States are taken into account more flexibly when drafting common rules. We consider it particularly important that EU investments contribute to the growth of the share of renewable energy and to the development of clean electricity transport and a waste-free circular economy.

  • Seventh, Estonia is recognized in the European Union as an e-state, who is rightly expected to set an example and provide new ideas for the development of a single digital market in Europe. We need to contribute to opening up wide opportunities for Estonian entrepreneurs in the digital services market in the EU. At the same time, care must be taken to ensure that the Estonian language and the social rights of Estonian people and the feeling of home security do not get lost in the wake of the triumph of digital economy, automation, and robotics.

  • Eighth, The European Parliament is a unique organization where constant communication is held and legislation is drafted in the languages of all Member States. It is a place where people learn to appreciate Europe’s cultural diversity in everyday cooperation. The Social Democrats are using the tribune of the European Parliament to keep Estonia’s reputation high, spread Estonian culture and build trust in the Estonian state as a democratic, active and innovative partner who firmly defends European values: peace, cooperation, freedom and everyone’s right to a decent life.

Do you agree with our ideas?

This is unfortunate. We believe we agree on more things than we disagree on.

We are glad that you agree with us!

“Our goal is to protect European values and therefore Estonian values. As it says in our Manifesto – the foundation of European values is the respect and protection of human rights. There must be no place for intolerance. Social Democrats stand firmly against hate speech and any actions that discriminate people due to their race, gender, sexuality, color of their skin of views.”

Marina Kaljurand, ambassador and former Minister of Foreign Affairs