Vote for Marina Kaljurand in the European Parliament Elections!

Estonia is doing better today than ever before. If we want this to continue, we need to elect the best people to represent us. 

Marina has always stood for Estonia. As a diplomat, ambassador and Minister of Foreign Affairs representing Estonia is self-explanatory, however she has always done more than necessary.

Her expertise and actions speak for themselves. During the start of the century Marina was in charge of the legal side of the documents concerning the Republic of Estonia into the European Union. In 2007 during upheavals in April Marina lived in the Estonian Embassy in Moscow and was attacked by the youth movement Nashi – an attack that was against the entire country of Estonia. She did not retreat but continued her work. Years later as an ambassador in Washington she helped fulfill the dreams of many people as she opened the first Estonian School in the capital of America.

Marina was the Estonian ambassador in America when the Ukrainian war started. As a result of her work the soldiers of USA reached Estonia within a month and some time later president Barack Obama visited Tallinn.

When Marina was the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, she helped free Eston Kohver from Russia and continued to work towards bringing home Estonian ship guards who were held in India.

Marina has always done more than is expected of her. During confusing and difficult times we need our representatives to look and find anwsers. We do not need those who bang their hands on their chest the loudest. During the presidential elections it was obvious that the people support Marina – someone who unites communities and people. A strong Estonia is only possible with a unified Europe.

There is no first, second and third Estonia. There is only one Estonia, an Estonia for us all, that needs to be built and promoted both at home and abroad. Often even more so abroad so that our voice is heard as an equal among equals – and not only in words but also in actions. We need the best to represent us and Marina’s strong will and smarts make her the best.

The stronger Europe is, the stronger Estonia is. It is Marina Kaljurand who represents the interests of our people and country.

There is nobody better than Marina.

Vote for Marina Kaljurand in the European Parliament!

“Marina Kaljurand has always stood by her people and her country. She has stood for the interests of the Republic of Estonia on this and the other side of the border in both good and bad times. She has done it with strategic allies as well as strategic neighbours. Marina in the right person to stand for an open and unified Europe as well as protect the interests of Estonian people in the European Union.”

Jevgeni Ossinovski, leader of the Social Democrats